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Shelving system that gives you endless decor possibilities. Float is a modern and expressive shelf system from Beslag Design. Float shelving systems are easy to install and fit anywhere. It is a smart modular system with only two aluminum profiles. The profiles can be cut to desired lengths, which creates even more flexibility. Float shelving system gives an open and light feel, the shelves are also easy to combine in different sections or together with existing furnishings. Select the shelves for the shelves to get a uniform and stylish storage shelf, the shelves are colored black with untreated MDf surface.

The shelving system is a stylish interior detail, for example mixing books of different heights and lengths to create a visual effect and combine with an eye-catching sculpture or vase as eye-catcher. The shelf system also provides a simple wall storage in the living room or kitchen. Decorating with black details can be the small change you are looking for but which makes a big impression. The contrasting details have become a timeless interior favorite for many. In addition, the black details match the prevailing interior and color trends that are drawing towards the natural surroundings. Let the black details come back in both the kitchen, living room and bathroom to create a red thread throughout the home. Add black kitchen handles to get the whole and update the bathroom with stylish self-adhesive hooks, which can put a gold edge in the bathroom against the white tile.
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Shelf System Float - 450mm - Matte Black/bilder/artiklar/liten/947080_S.jpg?m=1591712103
Shelf System Float - 600mm - Matte Black/bilder/artiklar/liten/947081_S.jpg?m=1591710175
Shelf System Float - 900mm - Matte Black/bilder/artiklar/liten/947082_S.jpg?m=1591709919
Shelf Float - 450mm - Black/bilder/artiklar/liten/947090-42_S.jpg?m=1591768679
Shelf Float - 600mm - Black/bilder/artiklar/liten/947092-42_S.jpg?m=1591768819
Shelf Float - 900mm - Black/bilder/artiklar/liten/947094-42_S.jpg?m=1591768862


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