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3M Surface Cleaner Sachet
BO Selection

3M Surface Cleaner Sachet

The surface cleaning sachet is used as a complement to our products that are attached with 3M tape, for strong and long-lasting adhesion. Our recommendation is to buy for this cleaning sachet regardless of which of our 3M products you have bought or intend to buy, for example Base or Solid. With the help of the surface cleaning sachet, the surface to which the 3M products are to be attached is cleaned.

The sachet effectively removes dirt, grease and other unwanted particles.

Leaves a clean surface and the product evaporates completely.

NOTE! This surface cleaner sachet NOT be used on the product but only on the attachment surface. Our products are cleaned with water and a clean, wrung-out cloth.
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  • Specifications
  • Length: 80 mm
    Width: 60 mm
    Depth: 2 mm
    Brand: BO Selection
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