Cutlery Tray SKY - 500 - Dark Grey |

Cutlery Tray SKY - 500 - Dark Grey

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400mm (325mm) 500mm (425mm) 600mm (525mm) 800 (725mm)
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Cutlery drawer Sky optimizes the space in the cutlery drawer both in depth and width and helps you keep order in the kitchen drawer. Fits Legra and Vionaro boxes with 16mm frame and can be cut max 15mm to the desired size to fit other boxes. With a cutlery box, it becomes easier to keep track of your cutlery and utensils, so you can quickly find what you need in the kitchen drawer and get started with the food. The cutlery drawer also protects the kitchen drawer from scratches and other damage that may occur.
Dimensions & assembly
Article nr: besticklada_sky_500_gra
Drawer Deep: 500 mm
Width: 325 mm, 425 mm, 525 mm, 725 mm
Depth: 474 mm
Height: 52 mm
Drawer width: 400 mm, 500 mm, 600 mm
Material: Plastic
Model: Cutlery Tray
Brand: IMA

Build the interior of your drawer
Choose different parts of Flex Basic inserts and cutlery trays to suit your storage needs.

1. Measure the depth and width of your box to easily determine the dimensions you need for your inserts and what fits in your boxes.
2. Determine what you want for the content in your boxes.
3. Supplement the cutlery and box inserts with box mats that protect the box from wear and provide a luxurious feel.

In boxes with a 400mm width, there is space for: 1 cutlery tray 
In boxes with a 600mm width, there is space for: 1 cutlery tray + 1 accessory (spice insert, knife insert, or foil insert)
In boxes with a 800mm width, there is space for: 1 cutlery tray + 2 accessories (spice insert, knife insert, or foil insert)
More info & care advice

Brand - IMA
IMA is a company that produces storage and source sorting solutions, they have been on the market for 30 years and have extensive experience from the market both from a design and production perspective. It is important for IMA to help the planet create new energy, by helping people sort their waste and showing that everyone can contribute to make the planet a little better.

Care advice

Wipe with a clean slightly damp cloth. Avoid detergents as they may contain chemicals that affect the surface negatively. Can also be cleaned with a microfiber cloth. 
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