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Fabric Freshener Five Oceans - Roses & Milk 500ml in the group Bathroom Accessories / All Bathroom Accessories / Soap Bottle Holder & Soap at Beslag Online (10035-BO)
Fabric Freshener Five Oceans - Roses & Milk 500ml
Fabric Freshener Five Oceans - Roses & Milk 500ml
Fabric Freshener Five Oceans - Roses & Milk 500ml
Fabric Freshener Five Oceans - Roses & Milk 500ml
Fabric Freshener Five Oceans - Roses & Milk 500ml
Fabric Freshener Five Oceans - Roses & Milk 500ml
Five Oceans

Fabric Freshener Five Oceans - Roses & Milk 500ml

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Fabric Freshener Five Oceans - Rain on Sandalwood 500ml/bilder/artiklar/liten/10034-BO_S.jpg?m=1688037629
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    • Description
    • Five Oceans Fabric Freshener refreshes your clothes and textiles so that you don't need to wash them as often. A bio-based fabric guard makes it easier for you to remove stains and dirt from clothes, furniture, and other textiles. The formula is antibacterial and has a direct and long-lasting effect against bad odors, perfect for shoes and sportswear. The fabric freshener strengthens your clothes and provides a soft, fresh and newly washed feeling.

      Five Oceans "Roses & Milk" leaves a soft scent of almond, rose, vanilla, and creamy milky notes for an enveloping, warm feeling.

      All Five Oceans products are made from 100% recycled plastic and the formula is 100% vegan.

    • Dimensions & assembly
    • Article nr: 10035-BO
      Diameter Ø: 70 mm
      Volume: 500 ml
      Length: 207 mm
      Width: 70 mm
      Depth: 70 mm
      Model: Freshener
      Brand: Five Oceans

      Installation of 3M products
      Clean the surface thoroughly before installation so that it is free of oil and dirt, and avoid cleaning agents that contain oil. Feel free to purchase our surface cleaning wipe to ensure that the surface is properly cleaned during installation. Allow the product to sit on the selected surface for at least 24 hours before you start loading the product.

      Note! Attaches to permanent smooth surfaces such as tiles, lacquered or veneered board materials, etc. We do not recommend placing the products over the joint.

      1. Select a smooth surface and determine the location of the product. If you choose to place the product over or on two tiles, ensure that they are at the same angle, are even and at the same level. We do not recommend mounting the products over joints.
      2. Clean the substrate carefully with a 3M surface cleaning wipe; click here to get to the product.
      3. Remove the protective film.
      4. Apply the product by pressing it against the substrate for 10 seconds.
      5. For optimal adhesion, let the glue harden for 24 hours before loading the product.
      6. After 24 hours, the product is ready to use. 

    • More info & care advice

    • Care advice

      Wipe with a clean slightly damp cloth. Avoid detergents as they may contain chemicals that affect the surface negatively. Can also be cleaned with a microfiber cloth. 
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