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Coat Hooks & Wall Hooks - Leather

Here you will find all our coat hooks with a stylish leather loop that also acts as a hook on the wall and provides both function and a nice detail to the interior. The material is an environmentally friendly and naturally tanned leather from Tärnsjö Garveri that only gets more beautiful with time. Tärnsjö Garveri manufactures unique leather of the highest quality to ensure that their leather has a natural surface that is beautifully aged and patinated over time. Setting up enough coat hooks and wall hooks is perfect for ordering clothes and accessories.
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Loop Strap - Brown Leather/Brass /bilder/artiklar/liten/333305-11_S.jpg?m=1568907266
Loop Strap - Brown Leather/Copper /bilder/artiklar/liten/333306-11_S.jpg?m=1568906924
Loop Strap - Brown Leather/Chrome /bilder/artiklar/liten/333307-11_S.jpg?m=1568906661
Loop Strap - Brown Leather/Matte Black /bilder/artiklar/liten/333308-11_S.jpg?m=1568907469
Loop Strap - Nature Leather/Brass /bilder/artiklar/liten/333309-11_S.jpg?m=1568906207
Loop Strap - Nature Leather/Copper /bilder/artiklar/liten/333310-11_S.jpg?m=1568905982
Loop Strap - Nature Leather/Chrome /bilder/artiklar/liten/333311-11_S.jpg?m=1568905762
Loop Strap - Nature Leather/Matte Black /bilder/artiklar/liten/333312-11_S.jpg?m=1568906427
Loop Strap - Black Leather/Brass /bilder/artiklar/liten/333301-11_S.jpg?m=1568905253
Loop Strap - Black Leather/Copper /bilder/artiklar/liten/333302-11_S.jpg?m=1568905024
Loop Strap - Black Leather/Chrome /bilder/artiklar/liten/333303-11_S.jpg?m=1568904586
Loop Strap - Black Leather/Matte Black /bilder/artiklar/liten/333304-11_S.jpg?m=1568905490

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